High Temperature Substrates for Printed Electronics

Polyonics Printed ElectronicsPolyonics Inc., established in 1995, is acknowledged by many as a global leader in high performance film, tape and label materials. We specialize in engineered solutions for the electronics, electrical, aerospace and automotive industries.

We would like to let you know that for those printed and flexible electronic applications that require high processing temperatures or are used in high temperature environments, polyimide film is a good choice.

However, printing directly onto polyimide film can be a challenge, even when corona treatment is used. Other treatments can reduce the durability of the substrate. To address this issue, Polyonics is offering thin, flexible polyimide films that utilize a high temperature coating that imparts unique properties which include making the film printable.

“By leveraging our years of experience in the printed circuit board label market, we are able to use our coated polyimide film that has established success in the surface mount and reflow process” notes Tom Rogers, Marketing Director at Polyonics. “The PCB process is a harsh environment with extreme temperatures and our printable coatings on Polyimide film are a great solution for flexible electronics”.

The polyimide films offered by Polyonics’ are 1 and 5 mils thick and are coated with a clear coat, for a traditional amber appearance, or with a high opacity white coating. The white coated films are intended to provide contrast for inspection purposes or display applications. These films are printable with flexographic, screen, and digital inks systems and have been tested by several leading conductive ink suppliers.

In addition to these properties, Polyonics can provide additional features such as static dissipation and flame retardants. These substrates comply with the requirements of REACH, RoHS and are certified to be halogen free to the IEC 61249-2-21 levels.

To learn more about these unique substrates or request samples, please feel free to contact a technical expert at +1 (603)352-1415 or email at info@polyonics.com.

Polyonics, Inc.
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