3MTM UV Screen Printable Adhesive

The idea of screen printable adhesives has been around for quite a while because they eliminate the need to die-cut sheets of laminating adhesive material, thus reducing wasted materials and removing time-consuming handling steps from the production process.Solvent-based and water-based versions have been used in production for years, and under the right circumstances, they can be very effective. Until now, because of special processing requirements and limitations, screen printable adhesives have remained somewhat of a specialty item.

Introducing 3MTM UV Screen Printable Adhesive SP7514. If you’re running UV ink in your shop, chances are you’ve already got everything you need to get started improving your productivity and expanding your capability.

For transportation and electronics applications, 3M adhesive SP7514 provides you with unprecedented versatility and convenience. You get an exceptional balance of peel and shear strength, making this an outstanding general-purpose adhesive.

3M adhesive SP7514 won’t clog your screens like water-based versions, and cleanup is the same as it is for UV inks. In fact, our product is as easy as pouring ink from a can:

  • High-speed printing and curing
  • Broad curing window
  • No shrinkage after curing
  • No process additives
  • Easy to print on existing screen print equipment
  • 100% solids
  • Tack level can be minimally adjusted
  • Water resistant
  • No VOC emissions

Talk to your 3M representative today and arrange for a trial of this remarkable adhesive.

3MTM Opaque Attachment Tape 7956MWS

3mNow in one easy step, you can get high opaque coverage without multiple floodcoats of ink and the performance of our industry-standard 3MTM Adhesive 200MP which is a high-performance acrylic adhesive.
It’s ideal for membrane switch applications or graphic attachments in all kinds of operating environments. Your printing stands out bright and clear against a solid background, and you save time in production, which helps your bottom-line productivity.

3M tape 7956MWS is ideal for back-printed polycarbonate or polyester graphic overlay materials, and it adheres extremely well to metal and high surface energy plastics. Automotive, appliance, electronics

3MTM White Spacers

The high cohesive strength of 3M Acrylic Adhesive 200MP resists the stresses of long term switch actuation, slippage, oozing, and lifting in circuit layer attachment, metal dome retention, and other applications.

3mspacerThe thin white polyester carrier features optical characteristics that reduce the illumination power needed for backlighting keypads, switches, and control panels.

The product line offers a choice of features for specific applications. Single coated adhesive versions are available for dome placement with a choice of 2.0 or 4.0 mil total thickness. A double-coated version with a 7.0 mil total thickness is designed for circuit separation.
All versions resist high humidity, extreme temperature ranges, UV light, chemicals, detergents, household cleaners, and solvents.

Moisture stable liners release easily for lay-flat processing. Both sheet batch processing as well as web-based die and laser cutting processes using camera vision are suitable for high volume converting of these materials.

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