ASTM Membrane Switch Committee June 2005 Meeting


For a copy of the minutes from this meeting please contact Committee Chairman Alan Burk

Action Items from this Meeting: (if you have completed please let Alan know)

Force Displacement of a Membrane Switch Test Method
Brando to create graphs and send to Alan – done 7/11/05
Alan to clean up draft (add Brando’s graphs) and send out for comment. – done 8/26/05
Receive comments and update draft – Alan – done 9/16/05
Summit draft for formal balloting – Alan – done 9/16/05

Actuation Force & Contact Force F1597
Denny to send radius probe to Mike S.
Mike S. to send parts and existing probes to Brando
Brando to determine which of the 12 points can be reasonably measured using manual system.
Bill to then arrange for parts and probes to be sent back to the other 5 labs for radius tip probe testing.

UL – Membrane Switch as a Recognized UL Component
John will investigate the time & resources required for, and the feasibility of, creating an STP (Standards Technical Panel) for membrane switches to develop standards for different constructions and applications.
John to discuss progress and address any questions with Denny Nelen.
Denny to report progress to committee members.

New Standards in Development
Silver/Carbon Interlayer Conductivity Test Method
David S. to send copy of draft to Alan
Determining the Luminance Curve of an Electroluminescent Lamp at Ambient Conditions.
Alan to email Shannon, David S. & Mike S. copy of draft.
Each to review and prepare comments for January Meeting

Existing Standards – maintenance required – Need volunteers. contact Alan Burk if interested.
F1661 Contact Bounce Time – needs Major Revision
F1663 Capacitance – Add 4.1.5 Test meter Probe length & configuration
F1681 Current Carrying Capacity – needs Major Revision
F2112 Terminology – needs updating annually
ESD & I/O Points to be added
Terms from F1997, F2360, F2359, F2357, F2188, F2187
F2114 Typical Values – needs updating annually
Values for F2187, F2188, F2357, 2359, 2360
F1597, F1570, F1682 – probe definitions need standardizing – this will happen when standards are combined into a new standard “Force-Displacement of a Membrane Switch” – see above

Future Standard Considerations – Need Voluteers to Create Drafts. contact Alan Burk if interested.
Abrasion of Markings & Lettering Caused by Rubbing of Fingers & Hands – Denny N.
Alan to send copy of IEC CEI-IEC 68-2-70 standard to committee for review.
Dust – Particulate Infiltration
Atmospheric Pollutants – H2S – Acid Rain
Analog Touch Screen Linearity Testing
Salt Fog – Denny N.
Mechanical Shock
Shipping Vibration
Contact Pin Crimping Resistance .
Acrylic PSA reaction with UV inks
Michelle volunteered to create a draft of this proposed standard
Conductive Trace – what is a good printed trace?
Proofing standard for printing
Defining color standard for substrates
CMYK standards
Functional Performance

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