Pannam designs and produces customized membrane switches used in applications that demand the highest level of integration, execution and reliability. Our membrane switches serve many markets including medical, instrumentation, industrial controls and fitness equipment. Our experienced design engineers work closely with our customers in conjunction with our comprehensive membrane switch design guide.

Membrane Keyboards, Membrane Keypads & Tactile Membrane Switches


Our proprietary systems give Pannam the ability to quote, prototype and manufacture membrane keyboards and membrane keypads in half the time of most competitors. In your membrane switch design, Pannam can integrate surface-mount LED’s, fiber optics, electroluminescent back lighting, and rigid metal back panels with mounting hardware and printed circuit boards. Many users find it desirable to design tactile feedback into the membrane keypad or membrane keyboard assuring the operator the switch has been closed. The feedback in the tactile membrane switch is either provided by metal domes or by embossed polyester domes which are available in a number of sizes and actuation force options.

Graphic Overlays

The Graphic Overlay is the graphic interface between user and machine. While other layers make the membrane switch work, it is the graphic overlay that most directly impresses your customer. The recommended material of choice for graphic overlays is polyester due to its durability. Our life cycle tests show polyester membrane keypads can be actuated over 1,000,000 times before showing any signs of wear. Printing with our state of the art Raster Daytona UV Flatbed Digital printer we can produce eye-popping graphics never before attainable through traditional screen printing.

Silver Flex Circuits, Copper Flex Circuits & Touch Screens

Silver flex circuits are the base of most membrane switches.

Copper flex circuits are used when the number of traces or the amount or electricity flowing is too great for that of a silver flex circuit. From simple to complex flex circuit designs, Pannam can provide the proper copper flex circuit for any application.

A touch screen is a display screen that is sensitive to the touch of a finger or stylus. Pannam manufactures and assembles the two most popular type of touch screens, Digital Resistive Touch Screens and Analog Resistive Touch Screens. Digital Touch Screens are specified when the customer requires a device to be activated with a touch of the finger. The Analog Touch Screen is a construction used on pen recognition type computers when a much higher resolution of switches is required than is possible with the digital design.

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