Eliminate Double Doming

Nicomatic Switch’ Air ® non-stick metal domes will not double dome ensuring quick and easy dome placements. These domes are available in bulk or tubes and are the only snap metal domes made to be placed by automated pick and place equipment.

Switch’ Air ® non-stick metal domes offer:

Nicomatic180x54Nickel or Gold platingNicomatic led
Available in Bulk or Tubes
Excellent tactile feel with tight tolerances
Long life cycles: 1 million cycles guaranteed
Can be certified to 5 million cycles
No burrs
Nicomatic also has the ability to provide competitive custom dome arrays for your needs using Switch’Air ® ‚ non-stick metal domes. You can also use your existing pick and place equipment to place our domes.

Switch’Air ® Technology

Membrane Switch Manufacturers

Nicomatic180x168* * AUTOMATIC Placement of LEDs
* * AUTOMATIC Placement of Adhesives
* * AUTOMATIC Placement of Encapsulants
* * AUTOMATIC Placement of Switch’Air Metal Domes
* * AUTOMATIC Placement of Resistors, Chips & More
* * AUTOMATIC Switch Testing

Are you tired of placing metal domes by hand or are you avoiding jobs that require LED’s because they are too difficult to place by hand? Well here’s your answer! A choice of two affordable machines that can place metal domes, LED’s and Dispense Adhesives featuring a 24″ x 24″ part placement area.

ULTRATHIN Bicolor LEDs from Nicomatic

Now you can match the low profile (.5mm that’s less than 0.020″) of the well received standard UltraThin LED products with bicolors. ULTRATHINs reduce your costs by eliminating embossing and lessening spacer materials while maintaining the easy to place size that the the ULTRATHINs were developed for.
Available Red/Green, Red/Yellow & Green/Yellow on tape and reel in stock.
Call for samples and datasheets.
Don’t forget Nicomatic can also offer subcontract placements that is fast, accurate and competitive.


Automatic Placement Workstations for Membrane Switches

Are you tired of placing metal domes by hand or are you avoiding jobs that require LEDs because they are too difficult to place by hand? Well this is your answer, an affordable machine that can place metal domes, LEDs, and DISPENSE ADHESIVE. It is also fast and flexible enough to handle your needs as you grow.
Based on the simple and reliable QUAD® 100, a proven machine with over 10 years of industry use. In order to provide a competitive, reliable machine, pre-owned equipment is purchased and thoroughly re-furbished by Assembly Automation Alternatives. This equipment is then outfitted with custom feeders and dispensers designed specifically for the Membrane Switch Industry.
We offer you a flexible piece of equipment that you can adapt to work with your components and simply automate the system you currently use. If you are just learning to place LEDs, then we can offer you a complete, proven process that will allow you to confidently and reliably place LEDs and other components.
For Placement of:

* LEDs
* Switch’Air® Metal Domes
* Adhesives
* Resistors
* Chips
* Encapsulants
* Automated Switch Testing
* and More


Typical Placement Speeds

The following speeds are for typical parts with a standard set-up and actual speeds may vary by +/- 30 percent or more, based primarily on the size of the part and location of the


Switch’Air Non-Stick Domes
The SWITCH’AIR® notch helps create a cushion of air between the domes so that they no longer stick together.

Nicomatic Switch’Air® patent advantages:

* The standard model is pre-nickel plated to avoid all risk of contamination. li> Saves routine manual pre-separation of the domes by the operator.
* Successful and reliable automatic placement with NICOMATIC machinesNo burrs, thus eliminating the scratching effect
* Control of dimensional tolerances
* Very long life cycles :1 Million cycles guaranteed
* Excellent tactile effect even after rigorous overload testsStable forces
* Produced on progressive die tooling, the SWITCH’AIR
* Ensures an efficient and reliable automatic placement
* All risk of contamination avoided

Nicomatic offers:

* Permanent technical support
* Engineering design
* CAD facility support for customer specific applications
* Four-Legged Dome Sizes: 6.0mm, 8.4mm and 12.2mm diameter
* With and without dimple
* Actuation force between 170 gr and 340 gr
* Nickel and/or gold plating
* Packaging in bulk in tubes or on arrays

“Hi-Flex” Female Contact Pin for High Reliability from Nicomatic

CrimpFlex® — the most cost effective Connector System available now offers the Hi-Flex Female Contact part number 14106-12.
The “Hi-Flex” female contact delivers a guaranteed contact resistance and more cycles in a stable/consistant insertion force. The insertion force diminishes without any contact loss. Even with greater insertion angle the electrical contact is preserved (no damage).

Contact Information

More Info On CrimpFlex®
Nicomatic North AmericaOne Ivybrook Blvd
Unit 120
Warminster, PA 18974
Fax: 215-444-9581

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