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The vast number of shapes, materials, and applications used by modern industry represent a number of formidable challenges to today’s screen printer. One of the most crucial challenges is productivity vs. profitability – how do you maintain an ink inventory to meet all the requirements of so many applications and still make a profit?  Nazdar provides the answer with the most versatile and dependable line of nameplate inks on the market today. Each ink is specifically formulated to provide superior, lasting results no matter the substrate. From automotive to membrane switch or even appliance decorating, Nazdar has an ink that will deliver uncompromising results. Nazdar’s inks provide a long list of key benefits, including quick curing, excellent adhesion and strong, durable color. To learn more about the performance specifications of a particular ink, call your local Nazdar distributor, e-mail us at , or visit

Nazdar 3400 Series UV Nameplate Screen Ink:
A UV curable ink that offers exceptional flexibility and opacity for a variety of nameplate applications, along with superior ink-to-ink adhesion and speed of cure.  Compatible with most laminating adhesives and has the flexibility for embossing and die cutting. These inks are V-Pyrol® or NVP free.Nazdar Images

Nazdar 8800 Series Color-Vue Membrane Screen Ink:
A solvent-based screen ink formulated for automotive, membrane switch and appliance decorating
applications. 8800 Series features strong transparent colors with lens-like clarity and high opacity.

Nazdar NSC UV Crystal Clear Transparent Ink:
For first or second surface transparent windows on polycarbonate and some pre-treated polyesters used as a membrane overlay. These inks are unsurpassed in clarity.

8400 Series  Conventional Insert Mold Decorating Screen Ink:
The 8400 series CVIM ink has been formulated to meet the processing requirements of the insert mold decorating market. This includes flexibility for forming, post-form trimming, resistance to wash out during the molding process and adhesion to the plasticized injection mold resin.

Texture Clears  PSPC and NSC Texture Clears:
These UV-curable clears provide a variety of top surface textures on membrane overlays; from very coarse to very fine to satin and low gloss finishes. Some products require Nitrogen for curing.

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