Rim Embossed Polyester Keys by Form-X that Prevents Overly Preloaded Membrane Switch Keys

Form-X has perfected the rim embossing process to ensure a flat, problem free, membrane switch key.

Most polyester film that is rim embossed will naturally concave (cup) unless steps are taken to prevent it. Cupped keys most often result in a sensitive switch response in non-tactile keys and tactile metal or polyester domed keys. Permanently closed switch contacts can also result.

Membrane switch designers have a very difficult time eliminating the problems caused by concaved keys. By using Form-X you will no longer have to adjust the spacer thickness or take other preventative measures to accommodate for this unwanted feature.

Aesthetically a flat and crisp embossed key is much more appealing.

This process does not add cost to the embossing tools or unit price.

High Pressure Forming and Doming

FormX1FORM-X was founded specifically to serve the plastic screen-printing, injection molding and related membrane switch industry by filling a service void by competition. Our mission is “To serve our customer and not compete with them.” We do not screen-print or manufacture products. We do assist our customers in designing and delivering to their customer, precision formed graphics and longer lasting tactile response products. All plastic material is thermally formed to retain maximum memory of shape over its life.

* EMBOSSING (HYDROFORMING) Flat surfaces raised or lowered from primary surface. Most often used to raise the border or entire key of a membrane switch graphic overlay but can also be used to emboss logos or other features.
* TACTILE DOME FORMING Graphic overlay tactile domes with conductive pads, etc. High temperature top circuit layer tactile domes with pads. Top circuit layer tactile domes with or without conductive circuits, crossovers, resists, etc.
* DEEP DRAW (THERMOFORMING) Sheet forming on plastic sheets that have been screen-printed with inks on one side. Forming depths up to 0.500 inch have been achieved.

Formx180x180For sales literature, or pricing information:

FORM-X, Inc.

2031 E. Cerritos Ave. #7H, Anaheim, CA 92806

Ph: (714) 517-1954 Fax: (714) 991-9699



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