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Hagstrom Model Number KEIC-USB

Hagstrom180x180Hagstrom Electronics Inc.’s new KEIC-USB single chip encoder translates input from keypads and custom switches into keystrokes for any PC-platform application. This IC requires minimal support circuitry and uses standard keyboard and mouse drivers.Hagstrom180x90

The KEIC-USB relieves the engineer of the time-consuming task of developing USB-compatible firmware. Product designers need only specify the row and column information as well as any other input types, including the keystrokes to be emulated for each input. Hagstrom Electronics, Inc. does the rest, providing a customized IC complete with schematics for integration of the KEIC-USB into the user’s specific application.

The KEIC-USB chip can emulate a USB keyboard or a combination USB keyboard and USB mouse. A feature is also available for addition of a port for translation of PS/2 mouse input to USB mouse protocol.

hagstromThe KEIC-USB also supports the three keyboard status LEDs. The IC is available as a 40 pin DIP, or 48 pin SSOP.

The KEIC-USB can incorporate a wide variety of input devices and there are no NRE charges for customization. Lead time to ship is typically one week after we receive your specifications. The KEIC-USB is $34.47 each in low quantity, with a minimum quantity order of 10 pieces. Quantity discounts available.

Hagstrom180x168Editorial Contact for Further Information:
Bob Kreutter
Director, Sales & Marketing
Hagstrom Electronics Inc.
607-533-4441 (phone)
607-533-4443 (fax)

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