3G Technology3G Technology Inc. is located in Taipei, Taiwan, and with two factories at Guangzhou and Changzhou, China. Guangzhou factory occupies 24,000 sq. meters with more than 200 employees, experienced at membrane switch and touch panel production. And Changzhou Factory occupies 15,000 sq. meters with 180 employees, specialized at FPC production.

Not just owning plenty of experiences on international trading and having good reputation on customer service, we provide high quality electronics with advanced technology and reasonable price. 3G TechnologyOur experienced R&D engineers have been many years in this field, OEM cases account for 85% of 3G Technology sales, which makes us become an outstanding supplier and designer in the industry. We are very confident to be your strong partner and to meet you high standard requirements, our goal is to create a WIN-WIN scenario for both of us, and to gain the competitive strength in the market.

3G Technology3G Technology Inc.’s main products are Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC or flexible PCB), Graphic Overlay, Membrane Switches, Silicon Rubber Keypads, Resistive and Capacitive Touch Pane and Touch Pens. Our all this product could apply to Information Appliance, Internet Appliance, Remote Controller, Medical Device, Home Appliance, Handheld Device, Industrial Personal Computer (IPC) or Mobile Phone, etc. Besides, our all materials and manufacture procedures not only are in accordance with ROHS, but with many certificates.

3G Technology3G Technology Inc. offers the fastest quotation in 36 hours and accepts orders from small to large quantities. We also promise to offer the competitive price with the best quality in the shortest lead-time. Customers’ satisfaction is our biggest goal.

3G Technology

3G Technology
886-2-2847-4730 #23
1F., No.5, Ln. 99, Guangfu Rd.
Luzhou City, Taipei County 247, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC), Single or Double Sided
FPC (also called flexible PCB) has plenty of advantages such as light, thin, flexible, which can conform to your high standard requirement. In addition to the basic single sided type, we offer double sided FPC, and multi-layers type.FPC can be applied to communication device, digital camera, laptop, cell phone, meter, LCD, etc.

Technical & Specifications
Base material   PI: PET
Thickness of base copper        9µm/12µm/18µm/35µm
Largest size    Single Sided-550mm x 250mm
. . . . . . . . . . . . Double Sided-500mm x 250mm
Min. hole diameter of drilling  ø 0.15mm / 6mil
Min. hole diameter of punching  ø 0.5mm / 20mil
Min. Trace width / Min. Space   0.075mm (3mil)
Peeling strength        1.0kg.f /cm
Multi-layers    Up to 4 layers
Passive Component       Min. 0201
Connector       Min. Pitch 0.3mm
Stiffener       PI, PET, FR4, Metal

Solder heat Temp
Polyimide: 280°C / 10sec
Polyester: 243°C / 5sec

Surface Treatment
Gold plating: 1µ”~10µ” (Ni:1µ”~9.85µ” + Au:0.05µ”~0.15µ”)
Immersion Gold: 1µ”~5µ”
Immersion Tin: 2µ” ~ 40µ”
Tin Plating: 200µ”~1000µ”

Dimension Tolerances
Conductor Width: ±0.03mm~±0.05mm
Outline Dimension: ±0.1mm~±0.03mm
Apply Coverlay Tolerance: ±0.3~0.5mm
Hole Diameter: ±0.1mm


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