New UniGlo Fiber Optic Backlight from Lumitex Doubles Brightness and Uniformity

Strongsville, OH, May 2004 – The new UniGlo® Optima fiber optic backlight from Lumitex, Inc. offers a high brightness of 30+ Ft-L and more, depending on panel design and configuration. The Optima Technology is twice the brightness of Lumitex’s standard UniGlo® fiber optic panels – with much improved light uniformity across the panel.

“We have developed a new manufacturing process for Optima that provides all the benefits of our standard UniGlo® panel, such as extreme thinness and superior tactile response, but with substantially improved brightness and uniformity,” said Thomas G. Fisher, Lumitex Sales Engineer. “Customers who have wanted to use UniGlo® for certain LCD or membrane switch applications, but found the brightness insufficient, will be pleasantly surprised by Optima.”

UniGlo® Optima panels are exceptionally thin (as low as 0.013″) – as thin as electroluminescent (EL) panels, but without the degradation in brightness common to EL. They require no inverter, generate no heat or EMI, and with the new high brightness 3mm or 5mm LED light sources the panels use, they can provide a lifetime of 100,000 hours or more. Power consumption is typically only 3.6V, 20-30 mA. As much as 20 square inches can be lit with only one LED consuming only 20mA at 3.6vdc. or less.

In addition, this technology also allows the fiber optic backlight to have pre-selected die cut holes or notches through the back-reflector which would accommodate a visual spot for indicator lights, positioned on the circuit board. This is ideal for a different color of light to be focused through the transparent fibers (backlight) and would not have any interruptions throughout the length of the panel.

The fiber optic backlights are extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free. They have been tested to over 5 million actuations with no loss of light or degradation in brightness. They offer a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

These versatile panels can be customized for any application and to any specification. They are ideal for backlighting LCDs, membrane switches, silicon rubber keypads, graphic overlays, logos and a variety of other applications. Lumitex offers design engineering assistance with manufacturing capabilities at two locations – Strongsville, OH, and at its Poly-Optical Products Division in Irvine, CA – with low NRE charges and quick prototype turnaround.

Pricing for UniGlo® Optima fiber optic backlight panels starts at $0.25 per sq. in. in production quantities.

For more information, contact:
Lumitex Inc., 8443 Dow Circle, Strongsville, OH 44136.

Tel: 1-800-969-5483; 440-243-8401
Fax: 440-243-8402

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