Kwizzcard – printed electronic game card

The first fully printed electronic game card has been developed by prelonic – claim the Austrian company. The Kwizzcard is flexible, ultra-thin and incorporates a printed battery, 10 printed push buttons and 2 printed displays.

Promotional product designers will be able to add a new set of features to existing products like game cards, fridge magnets, loyalty program cards, collector cards and “In magazine” and “on-packaging” promotions with the technology.

The company are keen to prove their capability for mass production. Initially lower volumes will be produced on sheets, progressing to roll to roll production as volumes increase. The product launch represents a milestone in introducing fully printed electronic products to the market. The ramp up of mass production processes are in progress.

prelonic technologies GmbH is a high-tech start-up in the field of printed
electronics based in Linz, Austria. prelonic aims to become a main player
in the development and mass production of integrated and printed electronic modules, like display modules, sensor modules and RFID modules. These products will be, paper-thin, flexible and could be customized to every form and application.

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    […] direct every Euro spent to customer discovery and learning while leaving software development …Kwizzcard printed electronic game card | Printed …The first fully printed electronic game card has been developed by prelonic – claim the Austrian […]

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