MacDermid Delivers Award Winning Results

MacDermid Autotype industrial films deliver award winning results for Reid Industrial Graphic Products

macdermidlogoReid Industrial Graphic Products, Australia’s award winning supplier of innovative Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions, is using the latest generation of MacDermid Autotype industrial films and screen liquids to create robust and reliable components for use in a diverse range of demanding applications.

Reid Industrial Graphic Products provides HMI solutions ranging from simple graphic overlays to complex assemblies combining flexible circuits, silicone keypads, backing panels and touch screens. The company works closely with a number of partners around the world to provide high quality products and services in each of its product categories. The high level of technical knowledge gained from its manufacturing partners is one of the factors that enables Reid to provide complete interface solutions that exceed its customers’ requirements.

For this reason, Reid has used MacDermid Autotype materials for 18 years, and continues to use the latest generation of products from the leading global developer and manufacturer of high performance films and coatings, in order to meet the increasing demands of its clients.  Clem Johnson, Managing Director of Reid, explained, “With HMI applications becoming more and more sophisticated, for us to be able to offer solutions that meet our customers’ requirements, it is essential that we use cutting edge materials. MacDermid Autotype has been providing us with industrial films and screen liquids of a consistently high quality for almost two decades now, and their products have contributed enormously to our award winning success.”

Among the latest MacDermid Autotype products being used by Reid is the Autotex series of industrial films. Autotex is an extremely durable range of screen printable, textured polyester films that, even when embossed, gives a switch life performance of over five million actuations, making it an ideal choice for Reid. The films offer a combination of outstanding flex life and resistance to scratches and chemicals that enables cost effective HMIs to be designed that provide extremely long service life. Their attractive appearance makes a wide range of fascia designs achievable and reinforces the visible quality of Reid’s products. Additionally, by using the film in conjunction with MacDermid Autotype’s screen printable windowing lacquers, such as Windotex, Reid are able to produce interfaces with clear, scratch resistant windows, increasing the versatility of the films still further.

One example of the many applications for which Reid is using the latest MacDermid Autotype films is in the production of interfaces for air conditioning controllers. As these products are used in both domestic and busy industrial environments, they need to be able to withstand regular use and cleaning without showing signs of degradation. The robust Autotex films are making this possible, delivering a high quality finish that lasts. Clem Johnson is confident that Reid made the right decision in choosing MacDermid Autotype industrial films and screen liquids, “Not only are MacDermid Autotype’s products of a consistently high quality, the support we receive from them is excellent. For instance, if we need to test a product that incorporates one or more of their materials, we simply send it to them for analysis and they provide us with accurate results far more quickly and cost effectively than if we had to do the testing ourselves. MacDermid Autotype’s support has been invaluable to us over the years and we look forward to achieving continued success together.”

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