New E-Book Brings Science To The Art Of Screen Printing

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ROLLING MEADOWS, Illinois, June 2, 2009 – MacDermid Autotype, the world’s leading manufacturer of specialised films and chemicals for screen print and industrial graphics, announces the availability of How To Be A Great Screen Printer, a new e-book designed to help screen printers produce better and more consistent results through an improved understanding of the science of printing.  The digital book is available now as a free download from the MacDermid Autotype web site.

Written by a team of respected industry specialists, including Professor Steven Abbott, Tricia  Church, David Parker and Anna Harris, the 138 page How To Be A Great Screen Printer is intended as a comprehensive introduction and guide to the screen print process, produced in an easy-to-read format, making it a valuable reference tool for both novice and experienced screen printers.

According to Neil Bolding, Business Support Manager for MacDermid Autotype, “The new e-book was developed to be an informal but highly practical guide and reference to the most important aspects of the screen print process.  The book is conveniently divided into sections, covering screen printing theory, common problems and cures, with a particular focus on critical issues such as color shift, exposure and moiré effects.  Throughout, the authors concentrate on explaining how different aspects of screen printing technology can be handled with a scientific and common sense approach, at the same time dispelling many of the myths that surround this age-old process.

In a review of the new publication by Sophie Matthews-Paul, a Consulting Associate for InfoTrends and the founder of Signs, Screen & Digital Printer magazine, Ms. Paul commented, “In an era where the heaviest concentration in technical terms seems to lie in digital production, it is refreshing and encouraging to know that there are still specialists out there who care enough about the screen process to set about informing printers on how to improve their production.  How To Be A Great Screen Printer is therefore essential reading for all those who want to optimise the quality of their output”.

How To Be A Great Screen Printer is published by MacDermid Autotype, and is available for free  download by visiting:

About MacDermid Autotype

MacDermid Autotype is the leading global innovator, designer, developer and manufacturer of specialized chemicals for the screen printing industry and coating technology for hard-coated films used in a wide range of applications. The company’s expertise in precision coating technology enables MacDermid Autotype to transform and enhance the performance of films for many high tech and demanding applications, efficiently providing the means of reproducing exacting images in the production of key electronic or medical components while adding protective features such as resistance to aggressive chemicals.

MacDermid Autotype is part of Denver, Colorado-based MacDermid Inc., a global specialty chemicals company serving the diversified needs of the electronics, industrial, offshore and printing industries. For more information, visit, email, call 800.323.0632, or write to Neil Bolding, MacDermid Autotype Inc., 1675 Winnetka Circle, Rolling Meadows, IL  60008.

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