Creative Materials Inc. Introduces Translucent Conductive Ink

Tyngsboro, MA – January 15, 2008

Creative Materials announces 124-31, a flexible translucent conductive ink and coating offering between 75 and 90 percent opacity. 124-31 offers excellent mechanical properties, various printing options and less waste.  124-31 is an excellent substitute when the opacity and conductivity of ITO is not needed. This flexible translucent conductive ink and coating can provide conductivities as low as 4 ?-cm.

Creative Materials’ translucent conductive ink and coating features excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates without prior surface treatments. During tests conducted by CMI, 124-31 proved to have an excellent resistance to creasing, scratching, and has solvent resistance. 124-31 also proved to have better resistance to creasing and scratching than ITO or PEDOT alternatives which have a tendency to crack and break during bending. In addition 124-31 has better solvent resistance than PEDOT.

The optical properties of this product allow the end user to print conductive traces with limited opacity at thicknesses up to and over a mil.  Another great advantage of this conductive product is that the end-user has the ability to print the exact patterns required.

Some applications for 124–31 include, but are not limited to high-resolution touch screen displays and electronic labels.  This translucent conductive ink and coating is especially great for printed electroluminescent panels since crystal clear definition is not needed. 124-31 is a screen-printable product. Other versions are available.

About Creative Materials, Inc.

Creative Materials, Inc. develops and markets specialty chemical products to customers world-wide. Founded in 1986, Creative Materials has its headquarters and production facilities in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts. Products from Creative Materials are used to manufacture electronic components for automobiles, computers, keyboards, and cell phones; medical electrodes and medical instruments; heating equipment; and aerospace devices. Creative Materials offers more than 1000 product formulations, and is ISO 9001 certified.

Rachel Robbins
Creative Materials, Inc.

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