Snaptron Offers High Force Design

metaldomesSnaptron the Industry leaders in the design and manufacturing of metal dome switch contacts and complementary equipment now offers high force GX-Series Tactile Domes. They come in sizes of 5.3mm to 12mm. and are designed to achieve a high activation force, high tactile ration for an excellent “snap” feeling and life cycles in excess of 5 million. The GX-Series of domes break previous size/force restrictions, and has the highest force per diameter of any tactile dome series in the industry. series-gxGX-Series domes are more “square” in appearance when compared to F-Series domes, and have a slightly wider foot. GX-Series domes have four legs, yet their unique shape allows them to obtain a high trip force in relation to their size while maintaining excellent life. For more information please contact us at Sanptron Inc. New GX-Series domes: GX05300 – 5.3mm, 300g GX06400 – 6.3mm, 400g GX074007mm, 400g GX07500 – 7mm, 500g GX08600 – 8.5mm, 600g GX10700 – 10mm, 700g GX10900 – 10mm, 900g GX11800 – 11mm, 800g GX12700 – 12mm, 700g GX12900 – 12mm, 900g

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